Meet the Team

Kera Geist - Co-Owner

Kera spends her day behind a desk with numbers, codes and reimbursement figures. But with a love for all things glitter, she spends her time away from her daily ball and chain creating baubles, banners and backdrops (oh my!) After realizing she would never be a Rockette, she now focuses her energy into creating fabulous events.​

Sarah Gallop - Co-Owner

Sarah loves planning and making decorations for just about any event. She has learned to make a dream come true and still be on a budget. She loves throwing parties and her guests being “wowed” by her decorations. Sarah gives her heart and soul into every event she does.

Lisa Aitken - Co-Owner

I love throwing parties!  From baby and bridal showers to corporate events and more, I am so excited to be part of team that makes every event one to remember.  I love making people smile and can't wait to help you make your dream event a reality.  My dream event to plan?
 A masquerade ball!